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Welcome to our website. The Launhardt GmbH is a family conducted company located in Zülpich close to Cologne, in Germany. The company was founded in 1997 and has been growing constantly since then.

Launhardt GmbH is a metal and plastic processing company. The company is focused on the production of plastic covered steel straps using the extrusion process. The straps are manufactured with various dimensions and materials according to the customer's demands. The products can be used in various industries such as the office supplying industry and in the electro industry.

Besides our standard portfolio we also offer individual solutions specified on the customers' demands.

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plastic covered steel cable tie coil

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Strap-Extrusion is the core competence of the Launhardt GmbH. Steel straps with various dimensions and various types of steel (stainless steel, galvanized, Nirosta, etc.) are covered with different types of plastic (PP, PE, etc.) in any color.

The continuous strap is cut to length and additional parts are being assembled. At the end of the process chain the product is examined in an accurate quality assurance.

Launhardt GmbH offers two main products:

Steel Cable Ties for the bundling of cables predominantly in the field of mechanical engineering businesses, the marine industry and the energy industry (power plants, wind turbines, etc.).

Binder strips are applicable in the office supplying industry and can be found in binders and presentation folders.


Steel Cable tie straps locks

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