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  Steel Cable Ties

Steel cable ties find their application at the construction of ships, in the mechanical engineering area, in the energy industry, etc. Cables in cable channels are bundled and safely fixed with fire preventive steel cable ties. Depending on the area of application different quality steels are used. An example is the usage of antimagnetic stainless steels for the application in electro-magnetic sensitive areas.

For the protection from environmental impacts the steel strap is covered with a plastic layer. Depending on the application different plastic qualities are used. All cable ties are equipped with either flame retardant or self-extinguishable plastic covers according to fire protection classification UL94. Various colors and a customer specified logo distinctively mark the product.

With special tongs and clips the cable ties are tightened, cut to length and fixed at the same time. According to the customers demand cable ties are offered as coils or cut-to-length straps with assembled clips.

We guarantee high and consistent quality, fast and on-time delivery as well as a great flexibility to satisfy individual customers' demands.

stainless steel cable tie coil


plastic covered steel cable tie straps

steel cable tie on cable locked

tension tongue for cable ties


Steel quality
- galvanized
- stainless steel
1.4016 / 1.4301
- antimagnetic
Plastic quality
- flame retardant
- self-extinguishable
- 16.5 x 1.3 mm
- 9.0 x 0.9 mm
- cut-to-length straps with clips
300 to 1000 mm
- on coils
25 m / 75 m


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